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In the coming weeks Pelham PACT will be releasing t-shirts designed by students at the PACT internship inspired by the clothing brand Supreme. Founded in 1994, their iconic box logo is synonymous¬†with the brand and is instantly recognizable by millions around the world. For the shirt’s design the PACT interns put their own spin on the logo by altering the color scheme from the traditional red and white to blue and yellow to represent the colors of PMHS. An additional design will also be made which replicates the brand’s traditional color scheme. Both shirts will feature “Pelham” in the center instead of Supreme in an identical font to the original and will release initially as sample designs to test the quality and look of the shirts and will see a wider release if demand is sufficient. In addition, a concept for hats featuring the logo of the Baltimore Orioles colored white, blue and yellow. Keep in touch with the Pelham PACT Twitter and Instagram for further updates on the merchandise.


Pelican design