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One of the new goals of the Pelham LOFT website is a push to connect with the people of our town and get to know them better to make the community more integrated as a whole. Along with the Humans of Pelham site page the new PACT interview series aims to get to know the people of this town. Today our guest was Ray Velez, a 16 year old who attends PMHS and enjoys football.  Here is the unedited transcript of our interview with Ray:


Hello Ray, how are you doing

  • I am good, been enjoying my summer


What year are you in in high school?


  • Junior year


What’s your favorite subject?


  • History


What are your interests?


  • I like playing football, I like hanging out with my friends


3 things for an island


  • Chicken alfredo,  phone, matches  


Favorite food?


  • Chicken alfredo


What’s the longest time you’ve gone without shaving?

  • 4 weeks without shaving my face  


What is your favorite part about PACT?


  • Food and money


Who inspires you?


  • My grandfather inspires me to be the best person i can be


Would you rather fight 50 crab sized dogs or 10 dog sized crabs


  • 50 crab sized dogs

What is your favorite animal


  • My favorite animal is a wolf


What’s your favorite place to be?


  • Hawaii


Would you rather be extremely hairy or have no hair at all?


  • No hair


Would you rather have no legs or no arms?


  • No legs


Would you rather taste like caramel or smell like cotton candy?


  • Smell like cotton candy


What would you like to do as an occupation?


  • Film director, NFL player


Jets or giants?


  • Jets


Who should be the jets starting quarterback?


  • Bryce petty


Would you rather not eat for a month or eat an elephant in one sitting?


  • Not eat


Weigh 10 pounds or 1000 pounds?


  • 10  


Stuck in the desert for a week or stuck in the ocean for a week?


  • Stuck in a desert


Would you rather eat your left arm or eat your cat?


  • Eat my left arm

If you could listen to one song for the rest of your life what would it be?


  • Hell and back


What is your favorite anime?


  • Dragon ball z


Would you rather be swallowed by a whale or eat a dog?


  • Eat a dog


Anything else about yourself?


  • I love my life  


Would you rather be part of the justice league or the avengers?


  • Avengers


What’s your favorite superhero?


  • Spiderman


Would you rather have your mother hear everything you say or have your mother eat your foot each year?


  • Eat my foot


Would you rather be invisible or be able to fly?


  • I would be invisible


Would you rather have no teeth and 3 noses or 3 sets of teeth and no nose?


  • No teeth and 3 noses